Stand : B68A


DDSPLM Private Limited is a leading Engineering solution vendor with more than 20 years experience. DDSPLM is a Siemens Smart Expert Partner and a trusted advisor for more than 500 customers from small to large across the different industry verticals. DDSPLM has vast expertise in using technology to solve the engineering problems of today and tomorrow. We help customers in digitalization with Industry proven solutions for design, engineering, simulation, manufacturing, quality, project management and collaboration. DDSPLM has alliances with leading technology leaders like Siemens Digital Industries Software, ETA, Cortona3D, QForm3D, Smart APQP and is the right technology partner.

Product Description:

QForm Cold Forming is developed specially for simulation of cold forming operations and it helps to optimize material flow, reduce deformation load, predict tool life and produce defect free parts. QForm can handle complex die assemblies so it is possible to optimize complex pre-stressed dies with hard-alloy inserts and tire rings. QForm takes elasto-plastic tool deformations and elasto-plastic workpiece deformations into account with our specially developed models.