Aum Dacro Coatings

Stand : A48


Aum Dacro Coatings is an ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 company dedicated to working with leading industries to provide eco-friendly coating services to prevent the onset of corrosion, extending the life of the product and therefore increasing customer satisfaction. We have state of the art testing and coating facility having a capacity of more than 2000 metric tonnes/month. We are based out of different locations in India providing Zinc Flake Coating services. Our coating solutions are accepted in all major sectors like Automotive, Wind Energy, Railways, Solar, Construction etc.

Product Description:

Geomet 720, G-321, G-500, ZIncrokote , Top coats for friction coefficient stabilization, Torquer Series:- Torquer Series is used to stabilize the coefficient of friction and exert an appropriate tightening axial force. GLEITMO coating:- MoS2 and PTFE based coating for reducing/controlling coefficient of friction along with the corrosion protection.