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Marathon Heater India Private Limited is one of the largest heater manufacturing company in India. We started development of heaters in 2007 with joint venture between Marathon Heater Inc. USA and Tempsens Instruments India. From 2016, Marathon Heater India became a fully independent Indian company associated with Tempsens Instruments after the merger of Marathon Inc. Marathon’s commitment to customer service and engineering brought rapid growth to the company. Today Marathon Heater India employs over 150 people in 40000 sq ft built-up plant in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India; serving Indian as well as Global customers; challenging heating applications with engineered heating solutions.

Product Description:

We are manufacturing high temperature customize heaters like Bundle rod heaters, Bobbin heaters, Open coil and sinusoidal strip heating element, Edge wound heaters, Silicon carbide heaters, MoSi2 heaters, Tubular heaters, Hot rod cartridge heaters, Ceramic band heaters, Silicon rubber heater etc. We are providing high temperature solution up to 1800°C for different application like heat treatment furnaces, aluminum holding furnace, galvanizing furnace, muffle furnace, process heating like water, oil, air and gases etc.