Sensovision Systems Private Limited

Stand : B108


Sensovision is a Bangalore based firm and the leading manufacturer of optical sorting machine with more than 100 machines deployed across the globe. We are machine vision focussed sorting machine provider focussed on the fastener & automotive industry. We manufacture quality inspection machine for dimension and surface defects and cover a variety of parts like Nuts, Bolts, Washers , Screws, Studs, abs rings, sprockets, engine retainers, nozzle rings , etc. Our systems are 100% accurate and reliable with very high speed performance and help firms save cost and achieve six sigma standards.

Product Description:

Optical Sorting Machine is used for dimension and surface defect detection on various fasteners and automotive parts. The machine can also ensure quality inspection of rubber, plastic and wooden parts. The high accuracy, reliability and speed of operation of our automated inspection system helps in reducing the cost of operation as well as increase efficiency and productivity of the entire process. It ensures zero defect passed to the end user and thereby saves precious time for the OEMs and manufacturers, ultimately leading to a higher standard of safety of the end product.